Payment plans that support better treatment outcomes

MyHealthCare payment plans are the easy way for your clients to budget and pay for their needed health care treatment. Allowing patients and clients to pay in instalments addresses the growing demand for accessing the best healthcare and allied health treatment.

Our solution is simple, stress free and convenient. For you, your team and your patients and clients. Just submit one form and we take care of the rest. Separating finance from treatment, payment plans increase treatment acceptance while supporting a harmonious environment in your clinic. Freeing you and your team up to spend time on what really matters – the care of your patients. It’s the affordable, no risk solution that your patients and clients will love. With the added peace of mind of payments that are guaranteed to be paid to your clinic on time, every time. Contact us today to see how we can help you move more of your patients into treatment with MyHealthCare payment plans.

How MyHealthCare works for your clinic

MyHealthCare payment plans are specifically designed for healthcare and allied health clinics. Our solution increases treatment acceptance and frees up time to spend on what matters most.

Patient payment plan survey insights

Review the results of our recent patient payment plan survey including types of treatment funded by plans, treatment amounts, payment plan demographics and patient and client satisfaction.

Healthcare Clinics

Healthcare Clinics

Enable your patients and clients to access the treatment they really need and want while freeing up your team to focus on patient and client care.

Allied Health Practices

Allied Health Practices

Provide an affordable and simple way for your clients to budget and pay for your recommended treatment plans so you can start treating them sooner.

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Affordable interest free payment plans with no complicated finance contracts or credit checks to help you get the treatment you seek faster.

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