The simple and convenient way for your clients to access the best treatment

Increase your clinic treatment acceptance by offering your patients and clients an easy and affordable way to pay with a MyHealthCare payment plan. MyHealthCare Payment Plans allow your patients and clients to spread the cost of treatment into manageable instalments and are designed specifically for health care treatment and procedures.  There is no delay in starting treatment, no interest or complicated credit checks with a MyHealthCare payment plan. You simply complete one form with your client or patient and we take care of the rest. We have over 15 years experience managing payment plans for 2000 doctors in over 1400 clinics.

Ready to take your clinic to the next level? In less than 90 minutes we can get you set up to offer payment plans as an affordable and convenient way for your patients and clients to pay.

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Which procedures can be covered by MyHealthCare payment plans?

MyHealthCare payment plans are suitable for all minor surgeries and treatments

  • Eye surgery
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Women’s and Men’s health
  • Minor surgery
  • Non-surgical procedures
  • And many more

Why choose MyHealthCare payment plans?

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Increase treatment acceptance

Small, easy to manage payments means more of your clients can say yes to recommended treatment.

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Consistent, risk free revenue

We pay the instalments to your clinic on time, every single time. Giving you peace of mind and a consistent revenue stream.

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Free up time

We take care of the payment administration, so you can solely focus on patient care and those other all-important aspects of your business.

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Easy client account management

Access to detailed remittance advice and reporting for easy account management.

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Complimentary training

We provide ongoing training and tips to ensure you and your team know how to get the most out of MyHealthCare payment plans.

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Professionally managed

Rest assured you’re in capable hands. We have over 15 years’ experience in providing and managing payment plans for over 1400 clinics all around Australia.

How MyHealthCare Payment Plans work for you


During the consultation process, present your client with a MyHealthCare payment plan as an option for payment.


Together you and your patient complete a one-page form, working out the details of the duration, deposit and monthly instalments.


You send the completed form to us for immediate approval.

You can now proceed with treatment.


We establish the payment plan and ensure your clinic gets paid on time, every time so you can focus on what really matters – client care.

Ready to find out more?

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