Managing payment plan solutions for clinics across Australia since 2003

At MyHealthCare, we’re in the business of helping healthcare and allied health practices connect more clients with treatment sooner. After all, higher treatment acceptance rates are good for clinics and accessing quicker treatment is great for clients!

We don’t believe things need to be complicated. So, we offer guaranteed payments, simple registration and comprehensive management. Meaning you can focus on what’s important — providing the highest quality client care.

We work with more than 2000 doctors and practitioners in over 1400 clinics providing payment plans that benefit thousands of clinics and their clients each month. We pride ourselves on offering a seamless transition with flexible options to suit your individual needs.

We’ve been in the business long enough to demonstrate the impact that offering our payment plans can have on a business. Flexible payment options can result in a dramatic improvement in your treatment acceptance and retention rates as well as increased client satisfaction. For many of our valued clinics offering MyHealthCare Payment Plans is one of the best practice management decisions they have ever made.

Diversify your payment options

Everyone likes the opportunity to make the decision that best suits their own financial needs. And, for some, this means spreading treatment payment over a designated period of time. Accessing treatments and procedures sooner is beneficial for everyone, and with the rising costs of living, having the option to pay smaller amounts over time can make a huge difference to the quality of life your clients’ lives.

Whether you’re a clinic looking to grow your business and offer affordable payment options or a hopeful client looking for a payment plan to help pay for your treatments in manageable instalments — we’re here to help.

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